Not Just Ticking Off the Days

So this post (or something along the lines of this post, anyway) was kind of inevitable for me. The issue with having such an… energetic?… theme for the year is that they pretty much feel impossible when you’re going through a massive lifestyle change. Having Celebrate as my word of 2017 was supposed to help me see the little everyday joys and moments and occasions. It was supposed to make me live; to savour every day.

But then my boyfriend went away and I suddenly didn’t want to savour every day. I wanted to rush through them until I could see my boy again. To be honest, although I DID celebrate lots of things in January, most of them were half-hearted celebrations. I was in countdown mode – counting down the days left until PB went away, then counting down the days until he returned to me. I was just mindlessly ticking the days off the calendar.

And it was hard. I’d expected it to be – on the one hand I felt guilty for wasting my time pining for him, and on the other I felt guilty on days when I was busier. I eventually sat down and re-read my first post of 2017 (I think that’s something I’ll do each month, actually – it’s a good way to keep your goals fresh!) and realised that I wasn’t loving fiercely. Or exploring. Or documenting. Or, indeed, investing. It felt like I’d managed to get through nearly a whole month by wishing my time away, and that kind of broke my heart.

So, basically, now I don’t have a calendar… Except I do. BUT THIS ONE IS BETTER AND NEW AND I LOVE IT.

It was almost serendipitous: the day I’d freed myself from one form of calendar was the day I happened to find another. It was the weekend of the great garden centre escapade (you know, that time I visited three garden centres in 24 hours and realised I AM A GROWN UP) and I was browsing the sale section when I spotted this little beauty, for half price.

Yes, it’s a calendar. Yes, I could get sucked in to ticking of the days again… but as a daily colouring calendar, I find it forces me to do the opposite. I put aside half an hour a day – sometimes at breakfast, sometimes in my lunch break, most often in the evening – to just colour in a little picture and reflect on my day – usually at the same time as watching The Great Interior Design Challenge. (Yay!!) By the time I’ve finished colouring, I’ve usually thought of something I’ve celebrated/been grateful for/that made me happy, which I then note down next to the picture. PB pointed out that we could frame some of the more significant dates on our photo wall, which is one of my most favourite ideas of all time!


Soooo… where do you stand on calendars? Are you a ‘tick the days off’ person or a ‘don’t waste precious time’ person? Maybe you’re a ‘only used as a tool to remember important events’ person (I never could understand those… in my mind things that are important are remembered, and things that aren’t are forgotten…) Share your thoughts!!!


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